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3D Dome Labels
3D doming is the pinnacle in label technology! But believe it or not… many label suppliers send their printed labels out to a polyurethane supplier to do the doming for them. Not true at AGE Nameplate. We’ve spent years perfecting the art of applying polyurethane to a wide variety of printed substrates under all kinds of environmental conditions.
3D Dome Labels
Top-surface silk-screen or digital inks create the label graphics. Specially formulated 2-part liquid polyurethane is applied through an electronically metered dispensing unit.  Additional materials, like 0.060″ clear vinyl add more dimension where needed. Embossing adds a touch of elegance!
3D Dome Labels
Our list of satisfied 3D Dome Label customers is growing… but we still have room to add your design to our showcase! Take a look at our current legacy of 3D Dome Labels from the very largest to the very smallest.
The heart of technology at AGE Nameplate: An innovative spirit and a “can do” attitude are the driving forces that have engineered thousands of custom 3D Dome Labels over the past 40 years. Go ahead, push the envelope: Nothing is too complicated for us!

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